Invisalign Treatment

Wearing braces are a nightmare for many. Because why not? The entire world will know that you are getting your teeth straightened and if your work involves meeting people on a regular basis, then a brace will make you conscious of your appearance which creates anxiety and hinders productivity in such cases. What can be the work out? Is there really a way which is invisible? One where no one will ever know that you are getting a orthodontic makeover? The answer is yes there is, and it the Invisalign.

Every set of teeth is different, and we understand that, reason why we get truly, custom made Invisalign that will fit you perfectly. These are like teeth covers which are transparent and get the work of pulling and reorienting your teeth done perfectly in an incognito mode.

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Types Of Invisalign

Invisalign Lite

For patients who have minor orthodontic defects such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, small gaps and orientation issues. As the name suggests, this a lighter version and does not require intense cure. This is also suitable for those, who have had some orthodontic cure before.

Invisalign i7

This new addition to Invisalign treatment was made to bridge the gap between Flawless teeth and Invisalign lite. These are mild versions and deal with small gaps and minor crookedness. If you are on the lookout for a short term treatment and have really minor issues, this is the one for you.

Invisalign teen

Teenage is a time when body changes are common and of course the teeth is no exception. This treatment of Invisalign was made to accommodate the changing teeth of teenagers. Tooth eruption tabs are included in the package and a color indicator which indicates when to change caps is also present.

Procedure Of Invisalign

Getting an Invisalign is easy and is no brainer for you. With your first visit to us, proper checking and inspection will help us fathom the range and the correct fit for you. The next step involves, measurement of teeth for a custom made Invisalign just for you!

Putting on the Invisalign is easy and can be easily removed for brushing and eating. Wearing the Invisalign is mandatory for ~20hrs a day for great and fast results.

The procedure of getting the product is not so long, but is highly patient specific. The entire treatment and the final result can be seen in about less than a year in an ideal case.

Age Group

Great thing about the Invisalign is its compatibility with all age groups and for every requirement there is an Invisalign (Lite, i7 and teen). So there is no ideal time for an Invisalign and any age group can easily get one. Time of the year can play a role when it comes to comfort. We would recommend the Summer-Monsoon time as the ideal time to get one (Though there is no bad time to get a makeover!)


Invisalign are a great alternative to traditional braces and give you a real incognito mode to get your teeth fixed. They are transparent and no one will ever know you are getting a teeth straightening.

The cost of Invisalign is highly patient specific and for a great quality, the total cost of the product comes to around `1 lakh- 4 lakh.

Invisalign FAQs

These almost invisible retainers are made of a particular type of thermoplastic which is safe and free from any toxic element.

Invisaligns are great when it comes to getting the job done. They not only control force on the teeth but also the timing of the force which couples up and gives great results. During every visit to the dentist, only one teeth is made to be forced upon.

Yes they are perfectly safe and are made up of USP Class VI medical-grade, high molecular weight, polyurethane resins and are tested free of any impurity that could hamper biocompatibility.

Yes and No, it truly depends on the kind of brace and tooth structure the patient has. Inly on meeting up with the dentist, one can decide if it is possible or not.

As for food, yes one can eat anything without any sort of restrictions and these are a great advantage. You can remove your Invisalign while eating or drinking and avoid any sort of staining. But do wear them for atleast 20hrs a day.

Smoking is often discouraged as it can easily discolor the Invisalign and similarly for drinking, because of high sugar content, Invisalign can get a strange tint to it making it noticeable. contact

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