Teeth Scaling and Polishing

Having clean teeth is a symbol of confidence. It has been seen time and again that people who are confident of how they smile and look are more confident than others holistically. There used to be times when discolored or difficult to clean teeth were left at its state. The deposition of a tartar layer or plaque is a common problem due to which teeth appear discolored and become a matter of shaming for many. No matter how well one tries to brush them off they stick around. Your teeth are continuously bathed in saliva which is rich in amylase and calcium, which naturally protects your teeth but when there is a deposition of plaque (thin layer over teeth with over thousands types of bacteriain a protein matrix) those natural methods are just not enough. Tartar is the tough or calcified form of plaque and is a very common deposition which affects oral health. If one lets the growth of tartar be unobstructed, the bacteria might soon reach out to the gums and cause infections. Scaling and Polishing of teeth is the way out of this problem. This method cleans the film deposited on the teeth and leaves them clean and clear. This in the medical field is called prophylaxis which in Greek means “To prevent beforehand”, which itself is an indicator of how if not taken care, gum diseases are inevitable.


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How is scaling and polishing done?

The use of high tech. advanced machines have made way in the field of dentistry & teeth scaling and polishing which work well without harming the teeth in any manner.

  • Ultrasonic instruments:Use of ultrasonic waves is made in a way where these frequencies knock off the tartar loose and it’s cleaning are made easy. While the waves work their charm, the machine also lets a cool spray of water on teeth, which washes away the debris. Since, use of ultrasonics is involved, a humming sound is heard off the machine and is probably the most common machine you would have seen in any movie which shows a dentist! Normally a complete course lasts around 6 months, whereas more complex and hardened deposits may even take a year.
  • The Polishing: Polishing is done after the teeth are clean of any kind of deposits. It is done using a small rotating cup placed on the end of a machine which matches the dental curvature. The entire polishing is done using the help of a white fine paste.
  • Fluoride: Often than not Fluoride is provided to the patients as a finishing touch to the scaling and polishing process. It actually is great and comes in flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry! This for many is the favorite part of dental cleaning! But remember this is not for ingestion and should be in-taken. After this, fluoride gel is placed for around 30 seconds on the teeth and the final look is achieved.

The entire process is painless and is accompanied by occasional tickling sensation. Scaling and Polishing is in fact the most enjoyable thing one can go to a dentist for!

What is the average price of getting a scaling and polishing done?

The average price of scaling and polishing ranges from around INR500-INR1500/- and depends on where the person gets the process done!

Frequently Asked Questions about Scaling and Polishing

No, in almost all cases there is no need of any X-ray done for the treatment.

Answer- No this process is mostly painless and is moreover enjoyed by many people over the globe. IF any pain is experienced during the process it is imperative for you to ask your dentist/Hygienist to stop and examine properly. Sometimes exposed dentins and sore gums are a reason of any such pain.

You should probably switch your dentist and make use of Nitrous Oxide on teeth for relief from pain during the process.

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