Tooth Whitening

When it comes to having a great smile a white set of teeth is a prerequisite. Apart from making the appearance look good it enhances one’s confidence. We all know that the first look of a person is essential and how it impacts our thinking! White teeth give that confidence to a person where he can be sure of how he looks! Well, it is not a hidden fact that a perfect set of teeth is not what everyone has, but only in one trip to the dentist one can get an easy makeover which will have larger than life effects! Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable and simple things one can do to enhance the look. When you are confident of how you look in a situation, be it a board meeting or client meetup, you are sure to deliver your best and we understand this!

Teeth Whitening

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Procedure of teeth whitening

We know that the teeth is covered by a hard covering called the enamel and on the inside is the dentin. If you have a set of pale teeth it is largely because the enamel is thin and makes way for dentin to be visible from the outside. Teeth whitening involves enhancing the enamel layer to make it appear thicker and thus, making the overall look amazing. Before the treatment begins it is essential to check what caused the paleness per se. For this an entire teeth checkup is done followed by a mouth wash. The treatment is done by two methods in most cases, viz. The Vital whitening and the Non-vital whitening.

Vital Whitening

In this method a gel containing Hydrogen Peroxide is applied onto the teeth, while covering the gums so that they are not harmed, followed by a special light which activates the gel to start the bleaching. A hassle free process, and requires mostly one to two visits for 30-40 min each (depends highly on the patient) to the dentist.

Non-Vital Whitening

If you have had oral issues before and have gone through a Root Canal Treatment, then Vital whitening will not help as the paleness is because of the visibility of the dentin. For this a basic surgery, where a whitening agent will be put in the teeth and then a temporary filling will be put on it. This process will be repeated as many times, to get the desired look.

After care of Teeth after teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, like any other cosmetic makeover cannot last for eternity and thus several followups and proper care has to be taken. We highly discourage smoking and drinking due to the staining effects it can have on the teeth. There is no food restriction as such and once the final process is done, you can get into your daily routine without worrying about your teeth.

Age group

Ages between 20-75 are the most common patients when it comes to teeth whitening as the enamel is often worn out or is thinner due to age. One can get teeth whitening done at any age and is risk free. In worst case scenarios, one can develop mild gum irritation, which can be treated easily.

Cost of getting a Teeth Whitening

The cost of teeth whitening can range from anywhere between Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 10,000/- and depends highly on the patient and the condition of the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions on Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in ideal conditions (no smoking-drinking) can last from 6 to up to 12 months. In some cases it can last as little as a month!

It has been seen that no harm is caused to the enamel is any case, or any process during the whitening.

Not at all, teeth whitening has never been seen to harm an individual’s dental nerves.

No, tooth bleaching will not harm the teeth in any manner and are perfectly safe.

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