Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant Cost in India

Dental treatment especially usage of dental implants is becoming increasingly unaffordable for masses across the globe. Many patients from across the globe especially from countries like UK, Canada and USA every year travel to India to get the dental implants. We at Rohit Dental Clinic are poised to prove most affordable dental implant cost in India. We use the best of the implants that are used around in the world. Whether it is single implant or full mouth reconstruction, we use the best of the available technologies to give patient a completely natural bite.
Every patient normally gets around 60% to 80% saving getting dental work done at Rohit Dental Clinic. We also offer very low cost implants too for highly price sensitive patients.
The Dental Implant cost is dependent on many factors like sterilization method, quality of instrumentation, quality of implant, type of procedure required. The prices can be seen at various stages as follows:

Dental Implant Cost

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Type of Procedure

There are myriad advantages of getting a dental implant done-

Few Hours Post Surgery
  • Surgical Procedure : It needs to be diagnosed which kind of the procedure is required for the preparation of the implant procedure.
    • Use of PRF and Bone Grafting crystals for better healing may add to cost
    • Sinus Lift Procedure or Bone Grafting may be required
    • Ridge Split and grafting may be required in narrow lower jaw.
  • Implant and the Abutment : The cost of implant and abutment varies quite a lot as there are many companies who manufacture these implants in different design ad threads. The implants are strictly made of high grade titanium. The cost also varies in the following cases:
    • Immediate loading immediate function implants which are readily available at Rohit Dental Clinic are slightly more expensive.
    • Conventional Implants are comparatively inexpensive
    • We also provide blade implants that can be used in the thin bone cases

    The abutment price is dependent whether it is straight, angulated or Zirconia made

  • Dental Crown and Bridge on Implants : There are many options available ranging from conventional to metal free crowns. The price is dependent on the type used and the most suitable for the patient need.

Cost of Dental Implants

As discussed above the implant cost is dependent on the procedure that applicable. Further there many companies in India and abroad that manufacture implants with various kind of thread designs. Most of them are made of High Grade Titanium. There are many variants even in different companies like Nobel Replace, Nobel Active, KOS Switzerland, BCS Switzerland, Adin Implants and other Indian make. The price varies from as low as INR5000 and goes upto INR55000 per implant.
Further is the dental crowns also in different types and costs. The price varies from INR1000 to INR12000. The main companies known in this arena is Zirconia. We normally make packages for full month construction depending on budget and suitability of the patient.

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