Denture is an object removable and controllable which is put in application when a person has missing teeth( or tooth). They help you restore your teeth from any gum cavity and brings back your perfect smile. Dentures are natural looking and comfortable to wear. Dentures help you give a prominent facial shape when due to the missing teeth facial muscles begin to sag.


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Working Of Dentures

Before understanding the working of the dentures the fact that we must keep in mind is that every mouth structure is different henceforth the denture that suits one’s mouth may not be preferable for other. Your dentist takes an impression of your mouth structure and prepares the dentures suitable for it. An acrylic base with the resemblance of flesh colour is fitted over the gums of the patient. The lower part of the upper denture covers the palate while that of the below denture is given the shape of horseshoe to contain you’re your tongue.

Types Of Dentures

There are three types of dentures:

Immediate Denture

As the name suggests it is inserted immediately after your teeth is removed by dentist. They save you from the embarrassment of being without teeth. Their durability is however small as the bone to which they are attached heals itself with time thereby making the denture loose. When the denture becomes loose visit your dentist for relining.

Partial Denture

They act as a substitute for the dental bridges. Attached to a metal framework. There are times when crowns are placed instead of your natural teeth and they serve as a support to your dentures.

Conventional full denture

The most common and widely used type of denture by the old people who lose all their teeth completely or partially and incur problem while speaking and eating opt for a full denture. Your dentist prepares it after studying the whole mouth structure and till that time provides you with immediate denture.

Care After Dentures

  • Never let your dentures dry out : When you are not using dentures place them in the cleansing solution for dentures.
  • Brush Your Dentures : Brushing your dentures regularly will prevent them from plaque and unwanted sticky food material.
  • Brush your Mouth Well : Brushing your mouth well will prevent any further development of plaque. Brushing your gums and tongue daily are also very important.
  • Dentist Visits : Consult your dentist in case of any type of inconvenience caused by your dentures. If you develop a crack or chip in your denture visit your dentist and don try to repair it yourself.

For a few weeks the dentures will feel uncomfortable but gradually your saliva, muscles of your cheek and tongue will adjust accordingly. The irritation caused in the beginning days due to its adjustment is quite normal but if you experience a burning sensation then consult your dentist. Dentures need to be adjusted according to the size of your mouth. Therefore if your age develops so does your mouth which requires rebasing and relining of your dentures. For ensuring durability to your Dentures you must visit your dentist once in six months.

FAQs on Dentures

As there is such a big change to your mouth structure ‘your teeth’ it will take time to get accustomed to this change. Begin with cutting food into small soft pieces. Avoid any type of hard hot or spicy item. Give up on cigarettes as tobacco is not good for dentures. Stop eating sticky food like chewing gum. With time you will have ease with the denture and your eating habits will get back to normal.Most importantly never use a tooth prick with your dentures.

You may incur slight problems while pronouncing certain words but you can wither away this problemby practicing them out loud. If your denture clicks while you speak consult your dentist for its repositioning.

Dentist advice during the time of dentures is something which you must follow without any modification of yourself. In the beginning, it is advised to be worn during sleep too so that the adjustments are made. With time as adjustments get habitual dentures can be removed while sleeping so that the natural cleansing of mouth can take place with saliva.
Dentures are replacements for your teeth and they require certain amount of care which if you are able to fulfil can ensure long durability.

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