Overbite Correction

GA good smile comes from good teeth. Today the world which is ruled by the adage “First impression is the last impression” looking good is often a necessity than a cosmetic luxury. You can switch on your TV sets or look through a magazine and you will be greeted with great looking smiles and flawless set of teeth. It is important to understand that not all good looking teeth were always like that. Many a times, orthodontic makeover is instrumental in making a person look the way he-she does.

Overbite is quite a common problem and is often found to be hereditary, and hence correction of it is often very important. It is a condition where the occlusion of the teeth is misaligned (malocclusion) and the upper teeth stick out too far beyond the lower teeth (Hence the name, overbite). Overbite normally are categorized in three levels-

  • Class I- Slight overlapping of the upper teeth.
  • Class II- Severe overlapping and is called retrognathic
  • Class III- It is actually a severe underbite where the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth.

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What are the causes of an Overbite?

The common reasons for an Overbite is the misalignment of the jaw, as when a child is young undue pressure on the jaws can deform it and affect its growth, and causes it grow underdeveloped. Childhoods habits such as such as thumb-sucking, prolonged bottle-feeding or tongue-thrusting are common causes of overbite. Also skeletal deforms are also responsible for malocclusion.

Symptoms of an Overbite

Though one can easily notice an overbite, there are few symptoms to tell that for sure.

  • Jaw pain
  • Teeth Grinding
  • A slurry and uneasy speech
  • Interference with clear speech with age
  • Chin looking small when compared to other parts of the face
  • Abnormal teeth alignment and difficult to bite on to food.

What is the procedure of correction of an Overbite?

Correction of an Overbite is often a work of an expert orthodontic dentist (specialized) and is begun with an x-ray of the jaw area. After the analysis of the x-ray the dentist decides upon the treatment to properly align the upper and lower jaws. Often, Dental braces or invisalign or headgears are the next step for teeth reorienting and proper occlusion. The entire process of straightening and analyzing can last up to a year or two, and is highly patient specific. In most cases, the perfect results are achieved rather simply. In severe cases of malocclusion, often there is tooth extraction needed or some other surgical procedures to reorient the jaws properly. (Many a times, retainers and jaw expanders are also used as part of the procedure)

Is there are an age bar for Overbite correction?

Age is no bar when it comes to fixing an overbite issue, a child as young as 11 and a person as old as 95 can go through overbite correction, but the ideal age would still be at around 11-18 as during these ages the jaws are not fully developed and stand a great chance of being fixed rather easily. It is always a good idea to visit the dentist at a tender age to get the problem fixed. We all know the age old adage “A stitch in time saves nine”.

FAQs about Overbite correction and treatment

Yes, you will have to. Since getting an overbite correction is not a simple procedure, proper steps for hygiene and care have to be taken.

The correction of an overbite or a sever underbite can take at least a year or a two to get the desired look.

The cost of such orthodontic surgeries are highly patient specific and can range from anywhere between INR30k to over INR100k. As told earlier, there are three classes of an overbite and treatment costs depend on how severe the case.

It has often been seen that an overbite is accompanied by a weak chin and in most cases, after the correction process, the weak chin is corrected. So yes!

Yes absolutely. It may be more serious than it sounds, and immediate consultation of an orthodontic surgeon is a must.

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