TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders or popularly known as TMJ, is a condition where the jaws pain and the muscles attached to the jaw get dysfunctional. We understand that such pain is dread-some and know how to treat it providing you the best results! TMJ pain is often experienced in cycles and people tend to ignore it. When let it rest it can get right on its own, but if the pain becomes unbearable and persists for more than you think it should, visit us.

Treatment of TMJ is an extensive process and more than one type of treatment is generally done.

TMJ Disorder

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Types Of TMJ Disorder

As the name has it, TMJ is often divided broadly in two types.

Masticatory Muscle Pain

When the muscles attached to the jaws feel sore and movement is restricted a dull pain can be experienced. Headaches and neck pain are a common symptom along with ears feeling full.

Jaw Joint Pain

When the cushioning disk in the jaw joint is disrupted, a severe cyclic pain can be experienced. If you are having Jaw locks with grinding noises in your joint. This is what you are faced with.


Often for TMJ a wide range of medications are applied. Drug medications may include Pain Relievers and Anti Inflammatory drugs, Tricyclic antidepressants and muscle relaxants. Sometimes use of acupuncture can also help in the treatment of TMJ Disorders. But when the problem reaches are certain limit, there are more sure shot, surgical methods to deal with the same.

  • Arthrocentesis : This involves insertion of small needles in the joint to facilitate fluid flow to ease the pain.
  • TMJ Arthroscopy : Arthroscopic surgery is often used and is a very effective for TMJ Disorder treatment. It has fewer risks and is easy to perform when compared to other surgical options.
  • Modified condylotomy : This method addresses TMJ indirectly by performing surgery on mandible and not on the joint.
  • Open Joint Surgery : This is the last option one considers because of the risks involved along with the surgery’s complications. It involves replacement of the joint and needs expert dentistry to get the perfect results.
  • Radiowave Treatment : Subjecting the joint to radiowaves for increased blood flow has been tested successful in many cases and is a great way to deal with TMJ.

Though the time taken to get free of TMJ Disorder is highly patient specific, as in some cases it is cured on its own while often than not, a dentist’s intervention is required. The ideal time taken would be somewhere from around 12-18 months.

After Care

Age Group

TMJ Disorder is not very common in children and is often found to be a severe case in adults. Age groups of 25-60 have been diagnosed with TMJ, and they make up the 90% of patients for this disorder.


The cost of TMJ treatment begins at somewhere around `1000 and can go up to `80k and is very patient specific. One should consult with the doctor to get the best way to deal with TMJ Disorder, as If not dealt properly in severe cases, they become chronic and make life as miserable as miserable can be.

FAQs on Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders

Abnormal position of upper and lower teeth are a major reason of TMJ. Also, when one clenches teeth for a stretched amount of time for months, TMJ can develop.

Absolutely No. TMJ D is many a times seen to be cured on its own and if not, then there are other options like Radio wave therapy, Acupuncture and massage. One can also, on consulting with the doctor use medications to deal with TMJ D.

Ringing or clogged ears
Headaches that persist
Pain in throat
Clicking or Grinding sound near the joint

Anti depressants do not always mean that the subject is suffering from depression. In the case of TMJ D, it is used to put patients in deep, Delta 4-stage sleep. This causes muscles and jaws to relax increasing blood flow and easing out the pain.

Do not chew gums (chewing gums)
Eat food that is easy to chew
Massage the sore jaw
Apply heat for 10 minutes daily five times to the affected area

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