Post Op Instructions

Post Operation Instructions For Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery is the process involving placement of an artificial tooth on an extension of the abutment which makes it look like the real tooth. It is a better alternative to dentures and bridges withering away the problems occurring in chewing and speaking. The surgery depends upon the type of implant and the condition of the jawbone. Dental Implant provides stable support.
Dental implants surgery is a very critical activity and demands utmost care from the patient as well as the doctor. Here are few tips on how to spend the time after the surgery

Post Operation Instructions

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Immediately After the Surgery

There are myriad advantages of getting a dental implant done-

  • Few Hours Post Surgery : You can start by biting down gradually and softly on the gauze packs that have been placed over the surgical areas that will assure you of them being in their place. They should not be changed for first hour unless the bleeding is not under control. Moistening the gauze with tap water before placing is also quite helpful.
  • Oral Hygiene : Maintenance of oral hygiene is a mandatory activity that patient has to practice post surgery. Brushing the medicated area gently. Saltwater rinses after a day of surgery are helpful in healing the bleeding if any.
  • Remain Vigil about the Surgery : Though surgeon would have taken the best care but remember higher the quality of surgery lesser you will feel the need to take care. But BEWARE – DO NOT rinse vigrously and exercise care at all the times.
  • Swelling : Take your prescribed medicines for the side effects of surgery out of which swelling is the most common one. Swelling may last for 2-3 days and there is no need to panic about it the pain can be reduced by placing an ice pack over the swelling at intervals.
  • Persistent Bleeding : Oozing is normally very common but persistent bleeding calls for repositioning of packs because the pressure is being exerted at other location than the healing location. Biting on moistened tea bag for 30 minutes can also be very beneficial if nothing makes it better visit your doctor.
  • Bed Rest : You should follow bed rest or couch rest because any strenous activity can cause higher amount of bleeding. Even in the case of changing position you should be careful of any jerks to the surgery site.
  • What to Eat :Avoid extremely hot foods. It is better to confine to liquid foods etc. soups, puddings, yogurt, milk shakes, etc. Avoid chewing foods till the time tongue sensation has returned.

Dental Implant FAQs

Avoid extremely hot and spicy foods. Habit of Smoking should be abandoned. Soups, Juices & Puddings can be the accepted meals that would provide nourishment along with comfort. Do not intake nuts or any solid food.

You should rinse your mouth with very soft motions with saline warm water. Do this at least 4-5 times a day.

The application of moist heat to the surface will quicken the resolution process of discolouring. This should start at least 36 hours the surgery. Discolouring normally happens due brushing in the underneath tissues; you may get black, blue, green, yellow colours.

The healing in this is generally a slow process and will take its own time. The better care you take will help you heal faster. The 2 days will be generally more uncomfortable and from 3rd day you will start feeling better and progress as the days progress.

Sore throat, dry lips, stiff jaw muscles, mild nausea and sharp edges because of the bony walls are common phenomenon. Anything which you find is out of the proportion, you should hesitate to get in touch with clinic immediately.
Dental Implants is a delicate process and makes patient vulnerable for few days in beginning after the surgery but its benefits are many like the avoidance of embarrassment with dentures and no regular task of taking the artificial teeth out and placing them again properly. It comes with its long term benefits and that is why dentists recommend you implants.

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