What Is root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is a treatment to repair & save a badly damage, sensitive, painful or infected tooth instead of removing it.
The term “root canal” comes from cleaning of the tooth canals to save a tooth.
Earlier, it used to be very painful. But now-a -days with advanced dentistry, techniques, machinery, anaesthesia and ofcourse expertise – it’s almost painless.
It’s probably more painful to live with a painful decayed tooth or repeatedly taking painkiller.
RCT is an alternative to extraction of an infected painful or decayed tooth.

  1. Decayed tooth –deep carious
  2. Tooth ache
  3. Gum swelling around a tooth
  4. Swelling around face and neck
  5. Cracked tooth
  6. Pain on biting food
    Why RCT is the right treatment to save a tooth? If a decayed or cracked tooth is left untreated, then bacteria and decayed material can cause infection or tooth about leading to pulp death, bone loss or ever loss of tooth itself.

Why RCT Is Better than extraction of painful tooth? Benefits of RCT

Means saving the natural tooth RCT saving the natural tooth is always a wise-choice.

RCT tooth behaves as a normal tooth as other teeth in the mouth & you can enjoy your food as before.

It’s an efficient as well as cost –effective treatment. All thanks to modern techniques & expertise, RCT is More painless as compased to extraction procedure. RCT is now-a-days painless & leaves you with less discomfort during recovery as compared to extraction.

If a tooth is extracted, it has to be replaced by either bridge or implant, so the cost also increases

It extracted tooth is not replaced adjoining or opposing teeth  tries to occupy the vacant tooth  space and occlusion balance is also disturbed. So RCT is always a better choice  in saving  the natural teeth.

Severe toothache

In 99% cases, single sitting RCT is possible using latest flexible instruments, techniques modern machineries and above all expertise of the dentist.

A properly done RCT is Painless and can last for many years to come and there is no need to remove the tooth.

Is RCT Painful?

Now-a days, RCT is not at all painful. With today’s technology. Latest anaesthesia, expertise, file system-there is little to no pain. As the dentist first use local anaesthesia to numb your tooth and tissues so that you are comfortable during the procedure. Your teeth will be numbed till the disinfects the roots and fill them in.

Many patient have phobia or anxiety issues when the dentist tells them to get RCT. Anxiety or phobia of pain is mainly dare to bad past dental experience or rumours.

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