What is Root Canal Treatment

When the pain in your damaged teeth (often cracked) becomes unbearable, and you have no idea what is going on, the most logical of all guesses is that it needs an RCT or famously called the Root Canal Treatment. The name may sound really daunting and can easily scare any person, but actually it is rather simple and nothing to be afraid of. You may know that under the enamel we have a pulp called Dentin and when this soft tissue faces injury the pain can be excruciating, the only way to go about it is the root canal treatment, which from the name you can guess works upon the ‘roots’ of the teeth.

rctWhat do you know about RCT?

Well a name such as this can throw anyone off guard, but we tell you the things you can expect when going for a Root Canal Treatment!

  • First Step is the X-ray – To ascertain where and how badly your teeth are affected, it is imperative to get an X-ray done.
  • Second Step is often the Anesthesia – This word may make you feel that the Root Canal Treatment is a nightmare and very painful but unlike how, many people think of it, RCTs are not at all painful and are often easily done.
  • Pulpectomy – The removal of the infected tooth comes in this step and this will get rid off all your pain.
  • Filling – After the removal of pulp the next step is the filling up with the help of some sort of gutta percha material.

Often after this step a supporting material is placed on the teeth to hold the cement and keep it in place for stability. It looks like a cap for the teeth and is of course, temporary. If the dentist feels so, extra support in the form of post can also be put. The last step involves the removal of the supports and crowning to get the finished look!

Age Group for Root Canal Treatment

Though it can be done for any age group and depends highly on the person’s oral hygiene and cleanliness, RCTs mostly come  in a  demography of over 40 years. In younger and old ages RCT is uncommon and can be a bit risky as irreversible pulpitis can occur.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The average cost of a Root Canal Treatment for a tooth comes to about Rs. 3000 to around Rs. 8000, and these numbers highly depend upon where you get the treatment done from and is also highly patient specific, as some soft tissues injury are much more complicated than others.

After care for a tooth which underwent Root Canal Treatment

After getting an RCT you may face mild pressure sensitivity, but these will go after a few rounds of medications. So there is not much to worry about an after RCT. There are also no food restrictions or any other such thing. It is often advised to not chew or bite on something hard for a few weeks after an RCT.

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