3 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

signs of impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth is seen as the harbinger of wisdom, and every day thousands of teens face the occasional pain that accompanies this herald of wisdom. For those who don’t exactly know what wisdom tooth is, it is the set of 4 teeth that are the last of the 32. More often than not, the new set does not have enough space to break through and find existence comfortably, and it is then that it is called an Impacted Wisdom Tooth. It is normally seen that people do not even know whether their teeth are impacted or not. In a span of many years it has been seen that impacted wisdom teeth are of several degrees and are normally associated with soft tissue complications. Many a times a trip to the dentist can bring to light the complications with the use of panelipse x-ray. As the age old adage goes “A stitch in time, saves nine”, it always better to act in time before faced with debilitating pain. Complications that can arise from an impacted teeth are many and severe. Some of which include-

  • Cysts- We know that wisdom teeth grows in sacs, and is cases when these sacs are filled with fluids to an impacted wisdom teeth, formation of cysts is seen.
  • Gum problems- Impacted Wisdom teeth can cause decay in the area of impact and soft tissues of the gum, if not taken care in time, it can spread and cause gum problems.
  • Cause crooked teeth- When impacted wisdom grows it pushes the neighboring teeth causing it to become crooked and misaligned.

There are few warning signs of an impacted wisdom teeth which you can check and get yourself ready for any further steps if needed.

  1. Pain in the gums and area near it- This is one of the most common signs of an impacted wisdom teeth. If your gums seem swollen and are tender when touched the signs indicate that you might be having impacted wisdom teeth. Also swelling the near area of the jaw is a common indicator of an impacted wisdom tooth. While this is one possibility there are also various gum diseases with similar symptoms but in any case, you should rush to the dentist faster than you can count till 10.
  2. Pain in the back of the mouth- Wisdom tooth though being a herald of age, maturity and knowledge, brings much pain for many. One can feel a throbbing pain bludgeoning at the back of the mouth, right where the wisdom teeth is ready to come out, that is near the molars. Soon as the pain spreads out to the neighboring teeth the condition goes from bad to worse in a matter of time. If a good dentist is not consulted at the right time, chances are that you will be tormented by this pain on a higher level.
  3. Swelling in neck and shoulder- impacted Wisdom teeth very often lead to swelling in the neck and shoulder region. This alone cannot be considered as the perfect symptom, but when combined to the other such symptoms mentioned here, this is a sure indicator of impacted wisdom teeth. Also, in some cases, headaches of the temporomandilubar jaw are common and should be dealt with properly. Often one may confuse this symptom with TMJ disorder and thus consulting a dentist is the best to thing to do right away.

These are the sure-shot indicators of impacted wisdom teeth and you should act if you check these three boxes. Meanwhile, before you get to a dentist, we advise you to take soft food and avoid chewing gums (we mean, the chewing gums as in Wrigley’s!).

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