How to Stop and Prevent Bad Breath

stop-and-prevent-bad-breath Nothing will ever let you down more than a bad breath, and knowing that you have one is again, not a delightful news. Before you continue reading, let’s just take a test! (It may sound gross to many, but…) lick the wrist of your right hand, and smell it. Does it seem foul to you? If yes, that is what people smell when you are around or talking to them. But don’t break down as this is the most common of all dental and oral health problems! Often called Halitosis or Malodor, bad breath is a sure grim-reaper of confidence. This bad breath is often seen to originate from the tonsils and tongue, due to the presence of anaerobic bacteria (those which do not need oxygen), they release sulphur compounds which are responsible for this breath. Also keeping your mouth dry for long is a reason. From a date to a client meeting, bad breath is a sure let down, but don’t you worry, because today we bring you the best ways to easily get rid of it and say Hello to a more confident you.

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily- And we repeat, At least, twice. It is a well known fact that human diet normally consists of acidic substances, and that the tooth paste is a base. This neutralization reaction is essential for oral health.
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  1. Scrape your teeth with a tongue cleaner- This is something most people skip and it is a huge mystery as to why do humans do this! Scraping your teeth will in most cases alone, get rid of bad breath and takes your oral health to a whole new level.
  2. tongue-cleaner

  1. Use mouth rinsers- Products like Listerine and Plax are a saver for someone with bad breath. Remember to use them after brushing to cover up the bad breath. (Remember that in no way, these products will cure your bad breath)
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  1. Quit Smoking- Well there are a million reasons to quit smoking and this being only one of the smaller ones. Smoking is well known to be a destroyer of health and oral conditions. Bad breath intensifies with time as a smoker. Smoking is dangerous in every aspect and can be understood from the fact that the world’s first anti-smoking campaign was begun by Adolf Hitler!
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  1. Drink a lot of water- Many people are known for not drinking sufficient water and apart from other complications a dry mouth is haven for bacteria and you shouldn’t be surprised if your breath smells foul, when you drink less than 4-5L of water a day. (Dry mouth causes foul smell can be understood from the fact that when you sleep (~7hrs) your mouth remains dry and you very well know how it smells when you wake up)
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  1. Chew Sugarless gum- Chewing on a good sugarless gum is a great way of to stimulate saliva flow which will better your oral health and wet your whistle for the good.
  2. gum

  1. Visit a dentist- If none of them really work well, you might have to visit the dentist to get your Halitosis in check. Many a times, a mouthwash at the dentist can work wonders. The dentist will also be in a better position to tell whether you are suffering from any sort of infection or not.
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  1. Munch on Celery, Carrot or an Apple- Taking care of what you eat is another great way to keep your foul breath in check. Eating carrots and apples step up the saliva flow in addition to adding its own juices which will work wonders.
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